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Judith Falco, Founder/Owner

About Strandz Salon

Strandz Hair Salon was established with only one goal in mind. Offering our clients the finest hair care and styling anywhere! Over a decade and a half ago Judith Falco our founder established Strandz Salon's ethics and professional salon practices, through its forerunner, Salon J of Madison New Jersey. During that period Judith along with Strandz Salon master personal styling specialist's, have become known to our clientele as the preferred hair and grooming salon specialists in the greater Morris County/West Essex area of New Jersey.


All our professionals at Strandz Salon have been offering hair care and personal grooming and beauty treatments for more than a decade and a half.


Our professional team is comprised of master stylists, practicing in the arts of hair, nails, hands, legs, face and all areas of beauty and grooming for your entire family. All of our clients, whether Ladies, Men, or Children, have our pledge that they will be treated and pampered with the finest hair and grooming care available anywhere!




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